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A Decentralised scalable IoT Platform

Unleashing the potential of a decentralized IoT platform goes beyond mere connectivity. contributing to a symphony of intelligence that transcends traditional boundaries, fostering a truly connected and empowered ecosystem.


Platform features

Cyberfly revolutionizes IoT with decentralized brilliance on Kadena blockchain. Seamlessly secure, user-friendly, and community-driven, it's reshaping the IoT landscape, ensuring a future where connectivity is not just smart but also secure and accessible to all.


User-Friendly Interface

Providing users with a visually intuitive customizable dashboard for easy management, monitoring, and control of IoT devices.


Built in wallet

Allowing users to manage and transact CFLY and KDA with blockchain securely.


Device Integration

Streamlining the integration of various IoT devices, such as Raspberry Pi,Esp32 etc. making it easy for users to add and manage their devices on the platform.


Rules and Automation

Empower your IoT experience with rules that speak your language. Customize triggers and let your devices respond intelligently. It's not just automation; it's orchestration tailored to your needs.



Time is of the essence in the IoT world. Schedule actions, automate routines, and let your devices synchronize seamlessly. With precision scheduling, your IoT ecosystem becomes a symphony of efficiency, playing to the rhythm of your preferences.


Micropython Firmware

Developing and optimizing a custom Micropython firmware for microcontrollers like ESP32, ensuring smooth integration with the Cyberfly platform.



Enabling direct communication between IoT devices without relying on a centralized server, promoting a decentralized network.



Leveraging the security features of the Kadena blockchain to protect against unauthorized access and tampering of device data.

Token & Utility

Cyberfly Token and utilities.

Welcome to Cyberfly IO, where innovation meets utility! At the core of our cutting-edge platform is CFLY, the utility token that powers the entire Cyberfly ecosystem. When users register a device, they expend CFLY tokens, with 50% of the spent tokens being permanently burned and the remaining 50% directed to the Treasury account, crucial for sustaining our operations. Join us in revolutionizing the future of technology with Cyberfly IO and experience a seamless, token-powered journey into the digital frontier.

Device Registration

Users utilize CFLY tokens to register devices on the platform, ensuring seamless integration.

Token Burning

50% of spent CFLY tokens are permanently burned, contributing to a controlled token supply.

Zero Fee First Device

Users enjoy the benefit of a fee-free initial device registration, promoting accessibility.

Platform Fee for Additional Devices

A reasonable platform fee applies only when users create more than one device, ensuring fair usage and sustainability.

Our vision

Token Info

Our vision


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Road Map.

Platform Testnet

Q3 2022

Embark on a risk-free journey through the Cyberfly IO Testnet, where you can explore CFLY tokens, test device registrations, and test transactions. Witness the power of token burning and treasury interactions, all while enjoying fee-free device registration. Your insights contribute to refining our platform before the main net release. Join us in shaping the future of seamless and secure IoT integration.


Python Client and Micropython Firmware

Q3 2022

Discover a double boost in your IoT journey with our latest releases! Our Python Client gets an upgrade, featuring a user-friendly interface, and improved functionality for seamless interactions with the Cyberfly IO platform. Simultaneously, our MicroPython Firmware release caters to resource-constrained IoT devices, ensuring optimized performance, stability, and extended compatibility. Elevate your projects with these advancements, unlocking new possibilities for efficient and reliable IoT integration.


Token Dex Listing

Q1 2024

Exciting news! Our token CFLY has officially secured a listing on a decentralized exchange (eckoDEX). This development opens up new avenues for trading and liquidity, allowing our community to engage with the token seamlessly. Navigate the decentralized landscape and explore the potential for increased visibility and accessibility. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to expand our presence in the decentralized financial ecosystem.


Device Data Storage Node

Q1-Q2 2024

Exciting developments are underway as we forge ahead with the creation of a specialized Data Storage Node designed to securely house the wealth of data generated by your device sensors. This pivotal addition to our platform ensures a reliable and efficient repository, fostering seamless data storage and management. As we continue to fine-tune this innovative solution, anticipate a robust infrastructure that empowers your devices to store sensor-generated data with utmost security and accessibility. Stay tuned for further updates on this groundbreaking venture!

In progress

Platform Mainnet Beta

Q2-Q3 2024

Anticipate the future with our Mainnet Beta under active development! Our team is crafting a cutting-edge platform, set to revolutionize IoT integration. Experience advanced features and seamless interactions soon. Stay tuned for updates on this transformative journey!

In progress

Platform Mainnet

Q4 2024

Experience the anticipation as our Mainnet undergoes development, forging a cutting-edge platform for Cyberfly IO. Stay tuned for updates, as we craft a transformative IoT integration space, poised to redefine the future of connected technologies. The journey to seamless connectivity is in progress!


Mobile App

Q4 2024

Anticipate the future of IoT at your fingertips – our mobile app is currently pending and nearing release! Soon, you'll have the power to effortlessly control and manage devices on the go, ensuring a seamless and connected experience. Stay tuned for the imminent launch, bringing you closer to a new era of mobile-driven IoT interaction with Cyberfly IO.


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