A Decentralised Web 3.0 IoT Platform

Connecting Everything


Meet our truly decentralized IoT platform

Cyberfly is the scalable decentralized internet of things platform. Connect your device with blockchain and store sensor data, Our system evaluates data and delivers them to another device based on business rules you define.

Device Management

maintaining connected devices in a network efficiently.

Device Monitoring

observing and tracking the performance, status, and data of connected devices in real-time

Device Controlling

directing connected devices to perform specific actions or tasks.

Why Cyberfly?

"Cyberfly io" stands out as a decentralized IoT platform due to its choice of decentralization. This approach has been embraced for several reasons. First, it significantly bolsters security by eliminating single points of failure and making the system more resilient against attacks. Moreover, decentralization enables seamless scalability as the network grows, ensuring efficient handling of a larger number of devices. It also fosters interoperability, allowing various devices and technologies to communicate effectively within the platform. This architecture promotes reliability by preventing system-wide failures and reduces latency by facilitating direct device-to-device communication.


2022 Q3

Python Client and Platform Testnet

Python client for python based hardware devices to interact with other devices, blockchain and dashboard

https://github.com/cyberfly-io/data-shipper Visit
2022 Q4

Dynamic Dashboard

Users can easily create and configure dashboard using various static and control widgets which will be used to control and monitor devices

2023 Q4

Testnet Airdrop

2023 Q3

Initial Dex offering and Listing

2024 Q1

Data Storage Node

2024 Q1

Platform Mainnet Beta

2024 Q2

Platform Mainnet

2024 Q1

Micropython Firmware

2024 Q1

Mobile App


  • Team - 15%
  • Partnership - 10%
  • Platform Development & Reserve - 15%
  • Liquidity - 20%
  • IDO - 40%